Monday, January 20, 2020

Causes & Symptoms

What is Diabetes mellitus type 2

Diabetes Mellitus (or simply diabetes) is derived from the Greek word ‘Diabeinein’, meaning... 

8 Symptom of Diabetes

Discovering and taking notice of early diabetic signs gives you a fighting chance of preventing diabetes... 

Diabetes – Symptoms And Cures

Diabetes is of three main types – insulin-dependent diabetes or the Type 1 diabetes, Non-insulin dependent... 

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Peripheral Neuropathy

Neuropathy is the term used to describe a collection of disorders that occurs when nerves of the peripheral... 

Herbal Treatments For Diabetes

Diabetes type 2 is on the increase. As diabetes is becoming more prevalent, the quest for people to treat... 

How To Stop Diabetes From Stealing Your Vision!

In the past, diabetes was never such a big epidemic like it is today. People often thought of diabetes... 

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Is There Self Test For Diabetes?

More than Sixteen million North Americans have diabetes, yet many are not aware of it. African Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans have a higher rate of developing diabetes during their lifetime. Diabetes has potential long term complications that can affect the kidneys, eyes, heart, blood vessels and nerves. A number of pages on this web site... [Read more of this review]

Four Types Of Diabetes! Which Are You?

Results from the body’s failure to produce insulin, the hormone that unlocks the cells of the body, allowing glucose to enter and fuel them. It is estimated that 5-10% of Americans who are diagnosed with diabetes have type 1 diabetes. Having type 1 diabetes increases your risk for many serious complications. Some complications of type 1 diabetes... [Read more of this review]

Foods that control diabetes

There are large numbers of scientific research findings to confirm the effectiveness of plant foods in managing this disease. Through the centuries, more than 400 plants have been identified, used, and prescribed as diabetic remedies. In 1550 BC, the famous Ebers Papyrus advised treating diabetes with high fiber wheat grains. Not much has changed since... [Read more of this review]

Exercise for Diabetics

Exercise is a critical part of diabetic management and treatment. Exercise helps blood sugar control when the muscles use more glucose and the body become more sensitive to insulin. Exercise also helps to prevent and minimize common diabetic complications including heart problems, high blood pressure and circulatory deficiencies. All diabetics should... [Read more of this review]

Diabetes and Your Heart

Diabetes has many complications, some leading to other serious health conditions. Heart health is one more reason to take control of your diabetes. Diabetes is one condition that must be treated as soon as it is diagnosed, even though in its early stages it doesn’t hurt, or cause inconvenience, or create any worrisome symptoms. But ignoring it... [Read more of this review]

Diabetes and Your Feet

Diabetes has many complications, some leading to other serious health conditions. Diabetics need to pay particular attention to their feet. We diabetics have to take special care of our feet, or we can find them troubled in two ways: reduced blood circulation and nerve damage. Here’s what to look for and some prevention ideas. Symptom: If your... [Read more of this review]

Diabetes and Your Eyes

Diabetes has many complications, some leading to other serious health conditions. Eye problems are of particular concern to diabetics. Diabetes can play havoc with your eyes, and sometimes there are no early sumptoms. So you may have no idea anything is wrong until your eyesight is in danger. Here are the main eye problems that can be caused, or made... [Read more of this review]

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